Review By: Jordan Nathanosn

Photos By: Jordan Nathanson


House of Blues in Lake Buena Viats has had a lot of great bands play throughout the year. Sunday, December 15th, the House of Blues hosted the last night of the Beautiful Oblivion tour with ISSUES, Polyphia, Sleep Token and Felicity. The tour was in celebration of ISSUES new album Beautiful Oblivion released back in October making this ISSUES third studio album.

The first opener was Felicity, a local band who you can tell loves what they do. They were so energetic on stage that it radiated on to the crowd. They have a pop punk/alternative rock feel to them with their fast paced versus and slower paced choruses. None of Felicity songs sounded the same which was wonderful knowing that they try and make sure that they can provide a variety of different songs to their ever-growing fans base. I can not wait to see where their career takes them.

Sleep Token was completely different than was I was expecting. They were very theatric with their masks, hiding who they are as a band but exposing their love for music and what music truly means to them. They have melancholy, techno metal vibe to them. Though some of their music was slow and soulful at times, they’re face paced songs kept not only the fans moving, singing back to them, but also the band members moving to where I was almost kicked by the guitarist while I was taking pictures. The dark lighting and melancholy music made the venue feel as if nothing, but music was important. I can tell you now, I believe that Sleep Token is going to take the world by storm and change the music scene as we know it.

The same goes with the next opener Polyphia. What I found astounding about them is that none of their songs have any lyrics. It was all melodies that brought a classic rock vibe to the stage. Though they do not have lyrics, the crowd was signing back the guitar riffs as if they were lyrics. Like Sleep Token, they are proof that music speaks to people on different levels. The crowd went crazy dancing, crowd surfing and even a mosh pit broke out. In fact, the band requested that there be 50 crowd surfers during one song and even stopped playing to make sure that people knew they were serious about counting how many crowd surfers they would have. Over course the request was fulfilled as people moved over the crowd’s heads to the front of the pit. They’re front man even staged dived in to the crowd! I am highly impressed at the talent that these guys have.

I have seen ISSUES before, and I am always impressed with their performance. Every member of the band left their heart on that stage as they performed their new songs from Beautiful Oblivion. What I love most about them is that their songs are different from one another. They go from heavy metal, to pop – punk with a dash of rap. The crowd never stopped moving with crowd surfing and mosh pits. With every note played and note sung, you can tell they played their hearts out exposing their passion and love for their fans and music. This tour was in celebration of their latest album and what a way to end their tour here in Orlando with fans singing as loud as possible. You can stream their new album now on Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music.

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