Review & photos by: Jordan Nathanson

The House of Blues Orlando hosted the Order in Decline tour on December 18th, 2019 which featured 408, Broadside and headliner Sum 41. The tour was in celebration of Sum 41’s seventh studio album Order in Decline released back in July. Just by looking at the crowd, you can see all the different generations coming together in one venue to enjoy an evening of live music.

The first band was local band 408. Formed right here in Orlando, these boys really showed passion and talent. They played songs off their EP “Carrie” and every song had its own sound and feel to it. They performed with high energy and played sick riffs and drum lines. The crowd enjoyed them too as they bobbed their heads and started a small mosh pit. After this show, I can not wait to see where 408’s music career takes them in the future.

Broadside took the stage next and the crowd went wild. I have seen them a couple of times and they never disappoint. They all have so much energy when they play, especially front – man Oliver Baxter, who never stopped moving. Even the crowd never stopped moving as they danced and most pits broke out. Every single time they play, you can feel the emotions that their songs are trying to portray. You can tell they were excited to be here as Oliver Baxter mentioned that they have wanted to play the House of Blues Orlando for so long. For me, I enjoy the positivity that they radiate every time they take the stage. When the first few notes started of “Hidden Colors”, you can feel the empowerment the song gives, especially when the crowd sings back “If you ask me what beautiful means/it’s the power of a strong woman/chasing her own dreams”. I also, personally, got highly emotional with “Laps Around A Picture Frame”. Hearing that brought a chill to the room which was both comforting and haunting. Every note that they played and every lyric that was sung showed their passion and love for not only the music they create but their fans.

Both opening bands, in my opinion, are the product of what Sum 41 has inspired. Sum 41 has been around for 23 years and have continued to be the influence for many new pop – punk, punk rock bands that have been starting to form. Not only are they proof that punk is not dead, they also celebrated the 15th anniversary of their album Chuck. To celebrate they played a few of their hit songs off of the album. This was my second time seeing them and it was more enjoyable to me because I was not stuck at the barricades this time. The circle pits never stopped and the crowd surfers kept moving over the crowd, giving security a run for their money. You can tell that even after 23 years, Sum 41 still loves playing music for their fans as all generations were there. My favorite moment was for “Walking Disaster”, the entire venue was lit with only cellphone lights, giving it the mellow vibe that the song begins with before bursting with heavy guitar riffs and heavy bass lines. I also enjoyed that you can hear the evolution of their music as they played songs off of the new album Order in Decline. It shows that they are true to themselves as musicians but know that change can be a good thing and it means that they are creative enough to keep their passion alive. They even threw it back old school by covering “We Will Rock You” by Queen and shredded a sick guitar solo. This tour was not only a great way to celebrate Sum 41 with their albums, but also a celebration of the evolution of music and those who inspire the new generation.

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