Chevelle Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 The Fillmore Miami Beach Miami, FL Review: Matthew Pashalian (Miami) Photos: Scott Nathanson (Orlando)   It was a night of trios as Chevelle brought a total 90’s nostalgia trip without the bands actually being from the 90’s. Sort of. The band’s latest effort, The North Corridor, is a back to basics album that harkens back to their more straightforward, earlier influences; namely Helmet and Quicksand. […]

Styx, REO Speedwagon and Don Felder ‘United We Rock’ Summer Tour July 19, 2017 Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach Florida Photos by: Bryan Sette Review by: Zara Roach   This summer do not miss Styx, REO Speedwagon and Don Felder in the ‘United We Rock’ Summer Tour. You are in for a special treat to see Don Felder formerly of the Eagles perform all of the Eagles greatest hits. […]

“There’s no pretenses, no costumes, nothing on stage that we do that is out of the element of bringing heavy, beautiful music to you.” -Ben Flanagan (Black Map) There really is no better way to put it. If you don’t know who Black Map is yet, seeing them open up for Chevelle on their current summer tour will engrain them into you. With a stellar new album, In Droves, the […]

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