Review By: Jordan Nathanson      Yours Truly brand-new EP, via UNFD, is this what i look like? is an upbeat fun album that pushes this up-and-coming alternative band in the right direction. Formed in 2016, this Australian pop – punk band has created an EP with songs that can put anyone in a good mood. Each song off of is this what I look like has it’s own sound and […]

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I had another opportunity to photograph Buckcherry in concert, again.  This time it was at The Plaza Live located in Orlando, Florida.  Buckcherry always puts on a high energy show and I hope to keep being able to cover their shows.

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It is alway fun to shoot at a venue I have never been to, along with covering a band that has been around for 3 decades.  That venue was Destination Daytona Complex at Ormond Beach, Florida and the band was Faster Pussycat.  The Destination Daytona Complex is a 35,000 square-foot pavilion that hosts a lot of different events including concerts.  Seeing Faster Pussycat for the first time was not disappointing. […]

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