So what happens when you take a handful of writers and give them free-reign to create a magazine chock full of what they love most? You’re given South Florida’s best new music publication with SFL Onstage, a magazine dedicated solely to bringing the fans what they want. All of the best features on your favorite artists and a spotlight shed on some of the best talent in the South Florida area!

Are you an aspiring writer or photographer? Do you have what it takes to be part of the SFL crew? So why not shoot us an e-mail, we’re always looking for more people to contribute to the greater good! At some point we were all green and we believe that everyone deserves a chance to show what they’ve got! You always hear people say that they’re looking for experience, this may be your chance to get that experience to start building a portfolio of work of your own doing what you love most! What are you waiting for?

The InterwebEditor-In-Chief
Matthew Pashalian
matt@sflonstage.comCopy Editor
Jeff Noller

Layout Artist
Chris DeWuske

Contributing Writers and Photographers

Scott Nathanson
Sayre Berman
Norrel Blair
Ashleigh Brooke
Mikayla Davis
Shirenna Edmonson
Caitlin Edwards
Joseph Hasbrouck
Tony Landa
Alex Markow
Todd McFliker
Jennifer Sobek
Dante Stone
Emmi Weiner