Review By: Jordan Nathanson

American Authors – Best Night of my Life


        American Authors new album Best Night of my Life can be described as a feel-good album of 2023. This album is filled with uplifting beats, motivational lyrics and it creates a positive vibe for the listener. With their hit song “Best Day of my Life” about to hit its ten-year anniversary, this is a great continuation of the band’s growth. With the first song on the album being “Best Night of my Life”, it defiantly gives you the feeling that the “Best Day of my Life” has continued in to the night with its upbeat tempo and melodic melodies. This track also gives the listener a sense of nostalgia with the melody being similar to “Best Day of my Life”.  It opens up to other songs with the same upbeat tone. “Same Bed” is a funky love song that you can’t help but move to the beat whether you are sitting or standing. It’s such a cute little love song that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The next track is another love song, “Blind for love” that opens with happy whistling and happy hand claps to go along with the beat. This song makes you feel as though you’re the main character is a romcom that is having their montage moment with the love of your life. “Movin’ On” is the deep cut of the album. Its acoustic feel does not negate the positive tone but does mellow it out. Its vibe motives the listener to keep moving on through the hardships they may face in life. The motivational lyrics partnered with the acoustic guitar makes for a great ending to the album. Best Night of my Life drops February 10th. You can stream now “Best Night of my Life”, “Blind for Love”, and “We Happy” now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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