Alter Bridge Walk the Sky 2.0 Napalm Records Remember in the 90’s when artists would release CD ‘Maxi-Singles?’ They would usually feature the radio single along with a few live tracks to make fetching a ten-dollar price tag worth it. Well, it’s 2020 and Alter Bridge is bringing back the Maxi-Single! Sort of – they are calling this ‘Walk the Sky 2.0;’ a compilation if you will of six tracks […]

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Frank Iero and the Future Violents is the former guitarist from My Chemical Romance, Frank Ieros’s latest solo project. In following his music career since MCR’s breakup in 2013, I can say that his music has always had a unique sound. Frank Iero and the Future Violents released their first album “Barriers” at the end of May and I can’t stop listening to it. The songs are not only catchy […]

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Review by: Zara Roach Meet Diva in a Yellow Tank! They just released their first album and you can even get it on vinyl! How cool is that?  When you take a listen you will hear a cool Indy vibe and a very unique sound that you cannot get enough of. The title track is “Lost and Found” and their art of the cover will grab you with the cool […]

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2015 brought music fans a lot of great new releases. From major label debuts to super groups and unsigned artists, we’ve put together our list of the top 10 for 2015. You’ve got gift cards for the holidays – it’s time to use em and we’re here to help! Meg Myers – Sorry Originally from right here in sunny south Florida (despite how much she loves to boast being from Tennessee […]

Dharmata Cycles Independent It’s been 3 years since West Palm Beach’s Dharmata unleashed their infectious self-titled debut to the public and the wait for a new studio album is finally over with the release of Cycles. Produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Virgos Mirlot, Dark New Day), fans worldwide now get to hear tunes that only us South Floridians have been privy to experience in the live setting this past year. […]

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Raggy Monster As the Thorn Lures the Widow’s Lip, it Seeks No Wisdom from the Wicker Flies Independent I can’t stress this enough – despite the fact that 2014 is almost over, if you buy one album, physical or digital, it must be – get ready – As the Thorn Lures the Widow’s Lip, it Seeks No Wisdom from the Wicker Flies, the sophomore effort from West Palm Beach’s Raggy […]

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Flyleaf Between the Stars Loud & Proud Records Flyleaf fans were stunned when the bands lead vocalist Lacey Sturm announced her leaving the band just days before the release of their upcoming album, New Horizons. After touring that album with new vocalist Kristen May at the helm the band is on fire with May’s full-length debut with the band, Between the Stars. Fans worrying about the bands direction need not […]

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Sixx A.M. Modern Vintage Eleven Seven Music Seven years ago SiXX A.M. released the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx’s first book, the jarring Heroine Diaries along with the surprise radio hit, “Life Is Beautiful.” The follow-up album, an accompaniment to Sixx’s Photography book, the hard rocking This Is Gonna Hurt showed this band could really be something more than just a side project for its members. With no book to draw […]

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Amy Lee Aftermath Amy Lee Music, Inc. Fans of the immensely popular hard rock act Evanescence have finally got what they have been waiting for – a debut solo disc from the bands intense lead vocalist Amy Lee. As the bands driving force Lee has opened doors in the rock market with her bands more anthemic Goth rock. Her piano playing has always touched upon many moods; from romantic and […]

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Phox Phox PTKF This band is really good at beautiful, subtle dynamics in every way. Phox takes their music from nothing to rich, funky grooves all throughout the album. The opening is “Calico Man,” which starts from gentle ambient swells and builds with such delicate sweetness I wanted more right away; a few seconds in I was already hooked. “Leisure” is the second track and the first with a drumbeat, […]

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