Eric Clapton Old Sock Bushbranch/Surfdog When we think of Eric Clapton, what comes to mind?  Guitar master, maybe the songs “Cocaine”, “Tears In Heaven”, or “Layla”?  I start to wonder if this legend even fits into any specific genre.  Perhaps we should just name a new one after him, “Clapton” – a combination of rock, jazz, blues, classical and R&B all rolled into one.  Because that is exactly what you […]

Dido Girl Who Got Away RCA After a four-year hiatus, Dido is back with her fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away. This 11-track album showcases Dido’s soft, yet powerful vocals and contains songs of hope, defiance and heartbreak. Dido has always had a knack for painting a picture with words and this album is no different. The album opener, “No Freedom,” is filled with warmth and feelings of love. […]

Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight Wind-Up Records For a long-running band like Filter, the biggest challenge is usually avoiding a sound that grows formulaic or stale.  If you’re not careful, it can get to a point where every loud song sounds like “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” and every soft song sounds like “Take A Picture.” This leads to a sort of slow death, like a fire burning out; die-hard […]

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Deftones The Fillmore Miami Beach Tuesday, March 19, 2013 The evening of Deftone’s sold out show at Miami’s Fillmore theater proved to be both a cathartic celebration of angst and an all round FUN rock show. Lacking that night were any pretensions that most seasoned artists with any artistic sense easily fall into. As the house lights dimmed and intro ambiance emanated through the PA, the band kicked into “Diamond […]

Papa Roach Revolution Live! Ft, Lauderdale, FL Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Otherwise, an up-and-coming band from Las Vegas started the night off.  If you haven’t heard of Otherwise yet, let me tell you, you will soon.  Fronted by Vegas native Adrian Patrick on vocals and his brother Ryan on guitar, this band is definitely going places and quickly.  Their album True Love Never Diesis selling like hotcakes and they are […]

Goo Goo Dolls Magnetic Warner bros. Even though The Goo Goo Dolls first appeared on the scene in 1987, I hadn’t heard of them until their 1995 album A Boy Named Goo when the song Name became widely popular on the radio. When I saw they released their 10th studio album, Magnetic, I was all aboard to take a listen. The album opens up with the upbeat tune, Rebel Beat. […]

Jimi Hendrix People, Hell, and Angels Legacy Although his recording career spanned less than five years, Jimi Hendrix was a visionary beyond his time.  His vision of music and experimentation with an electric guitar to create sounds never before thought possible is still a major influence to guitarists of all genres today.  I find it hard to believe that these recordings were just found locked away in some old basement […]

H.I.M. Tears on Tape Razor & Tie  One thing you could never say about H.I.M. was that they were boring. Yes, their whole style of “Love Metal” could border on the redundant both musically and lyrically, but it was Ville Valo’s songwriting abilities that kept you interested and excited. As frontman and musical architect of the band, he not only a way for words but also an ear for melody. […]

Jeremy Camp Wreckless BEC Recordings On Jeremy Camp’s eighth full-length studio release, Wreckless, the man delivers an album full of heartfelt passion and love of a higher power. Camp has thrown himself into his music, giving his all and the product is one that contains meaningful lyrics, faith and devotion. What’s even more meaningful is that Camp is known to make much of his music personal, as is very evident […]

Johnny Marr The Messenger New Voodoo It’s hard to believe but Johnny Marr has never released a proper solo album. After leaving the Smiths in 1987, he chose the route of collaborator; working as a member with such bands as The The and Modest Mouse since. He also spent the 90s partnering in such supergroups as Electronic with Bernard Summer from New Order. But after 25 years of collaborations and […]