Review and Photos by – Jordan Nathanson

A Saturday night in Downtown Orlando is always pretty busy. So many people going to different clubs and live entertainment everywhere you turn. Graced with so many venues, The Soundbar became the host to The Virtue Tour featuring William Ryan Key, Selfish Things and Cory Wells. This tour was completely different than others I have personally been to being that it was almost all exclusively acoustic, yet it was pleasant and relaxing.

Opening act Cory Wells was a true delight on stage. Originally from California, Cory blessed the stage with his acoustic guitar and beautiful lyrics. His sound has been described to be similar to emo bands of the early 2000s such as Dashboard Confessional. His melodies are beautifully haunting which can fill you with so many emotions. Not only are the melodies beautiful, his lyrics are powerful and heartbreaking making these songs powerful. To me, he gives a Front Porch Step vibe with is raw vocals because each song has such pure emotion behind it when he sings. It’s pretty easy to see that he loves what he does just by hearing that emotion in every word he sang and in every strum of his guitar. Though I myself have never heard of him before tonight, some of the crowd seem to have been there for him and he seemed to have also won over those who, like me, are hearing him for he first time. Though it is only him, his stage presents keeps everyone’s attention on him.

Cory was signed last year to Pure Noise Records following the huge success of 1.2million views on YouTube of his hit single “End of a Good Thing”, which also brought over 1.1million steams on Spotify. I highly recommend checking out his music and keep an eye out for new music to come in the future


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