It’s been 3 years since West Palm Beach’s Dharmata unleashed their infectious self-titled debut to the public and the wait for a new studio album is finally over with the release of Cycles. Produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Virgos Mirlot, Dark New Day), fans worldwide now get to hear tunes that only us South Floridians have been privy to experience in the live setting this past year.

A month prior to its release, the band whet the pallets with the first single off of Cycles, “Pursuit of Perfection;” one of the many tracks on the disc that immediately gets the head bobbing and horns in the air. A more metallic effort, Cycles opens with a bit of ambiance before heavy guitars give a nice punch to the listener as vocalist Jay Slim’s superb vocals draw you through a jarring verse prior to entering a searing, multi-layered chorus. The band pick up the energy with the sonic stomp of “Here and Gone.” Its anthemic shouts are a nice touch that are bound to have the listener calling back to their stereo.

Some discs have that one song you get absolutely addicted to and immediately, “Chemicals” stands out among the foray as that track. With its echoing cleans and beautiful chorus, “Chemicals” is the epic the band outdid themselves with. The chug and guitar interplay between guitarists Matt Sheridan and Chris Proano on the eerie to roaring closing cut “The Reveal,” prove these two are a premier duo that can’t be denied. Rock fans have a new disc to get stuck in their players, and its Cycles. –Matthew Pashalian

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