Review by: Zara Roach

Meet Diva in a Yellow Tank! They just released their first album and you can even get it on vinyl! How cool is that?  When you take a listen you will hear a cool Indy vibe and a very unique sound that you cannot get enough of. The title track is “Lost and Found” and their art of the cover will grab you with the cool look and with the first beat. This is a breath of fresh air from what you are listening to now. The bass lines are key factor and Marissa Mandell who plays bass is amazing to watch if you every get a chance to see them live. The well written vocals and fantastic sound lends it a full album listen from start to finish. Take a moment today to take a listen!

Diva in a Yellow Tank is available on Spotify and iTunes and SFLOnstage highly recommends you take a listen.

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