The Fillmore
Miami Beach, FL
Sunday, November 13, 2016
Review: Matthew Pashalian

What did South Florida do to deserve two area appearances by Evanescence this year? This time around on their own headlining tour, the band came to Miami’s Fillmore for an evening well needed for the area.
Opening the show could not have been a more fitting act then up and comers Veridia. Every one of the bands songs was a chance to jump and dance. Their sound was a bit more upbeat rock meets 90’s electronica; think EMF. The bands vocalist, Deena Jakoub, held her own with the crowd, interacting between songs and showing that there is definitely more to this band. One can hope that they come back again on their own soon.

Not really in need of flash, Evanescence needed little in the way of flash and bang, only keeping with the house lighting and flanking of the bands signature ‘e’ logo’ on a curtain behind them. From the the energy of “Everybody’s Fool,” to the anthemic “What You Want,” the band kept the energy going for five songs until frontwoman Amy Lee sat alone at the piano for “Even In Death,” joking¬†to the crowd how this was the first tour that she had her piano facing the other direction, but not to worry, it doesn’t effect the performance.
The heavy goth rock appeased fans of all ages with fists pumping to the meaty “My Heart Is Broken,” “Made of Stone,” and “Weight of the Word,” as well as Amy’s personal favorite, “The Change.” The biggest crowd pleasers of course came from the two biggest singles from Fallen, “My Immortal, and set closer “Bring Me To Life.”
A stellar ¬†encore of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” saw lead guitarist Troy McLawhorn and new rhythm guitarist Jen Majura trading licks and really enjoying themselves in a cloud of smoke and bright lights. I’ve seen Evanescence every time they have been down since 2003, as well as a few times in Orlando and have to say, this way by far the best performance from Amy Lee and her band as a whole. If you missed this one, you sorely missed one of the years best concerts.

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