Frank Iero and the Future Violents is the former guitarist from My Chemical Romance, Frank Ieros’s latest solo project. In following his music career since MCR’s breakup in 2013, I can say that his music has always had a unique sound. Frank Iero and the Future Violents released their first album “Barriers” at the end of May and I can’t stop listening to it. The songs are not only catchy but it gives you a bit of nostalgia with its grunge/ alt rock sound. The guitars are heavy but not to the point where they are over baring. The guitar riffs are raw and edgy and make you want to kick over tables from teenage angst that you may have building up inside.  “Six Feet Down Under” is a great example of the angst I was talking about. The song is unique compared to the other songs on the album with the back and forth between singing and spoken word. You can hear the internal struggle that the song may have been written about in Frank’s voice. Every time I hear that song, I get shivers because the song has such a haunting tune to it. I did mention that the album has the grungy sound that most of us crave and I think “Young and Doomed”, the single from the album, satisfies that craving. His voice with the raw guitar riffs makes you want to grab that old ripped up denim jacket, fishnet stockings, and spike your hair and get ready to walk in to an underground bar. The album is a way for Frank Iero to give himself a creative voice without forever being known as that one guy from My Chemical Romance. I find it interesting that he has started so many bands on his own and yet each of those bands has their own sound and voice. Comparing “Barriers” to “Stomachaches” which was released from his previous band Frank Iero and the Cellabration, you’d never have guessed it was the same vocalist. The album was also written from a dark mindset steaming from a car accident that almost ended Frank and his bands life. As haunting as “Barriers” may sound, the album is an absolute masterpiece. You are able to pick up your own copy when the album “Barriers” drops on May 31st.

Review By: Jordan Nathanson

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