Review By: Jordan Nathanson

Photos By: Scott Nathanson


The 60s are alive in the 2000s with Greta Van Fleet! Formed back in 2012, you’ll have the pleasure of time traveling with their music to an era where everyone word headbands, tye dye, and preached about peace and love. During “Black Smoke Rises”, though the crowd stood almost perfectly still, you could see the fists in the air and hear the voices singing as loud as they can to where I heard more of the crowd singing than the lead vocals. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it shows the power of our voices as a whole. Not only does their music give you the 60s vibe, but their performance as well and how the dressed. The brown leather vests with fringes, headbands, long hair, feather earrings, etc. It was as if they stepped out of a time machine! I can see why people have compared them to Led Zeppelin: they are pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. The melodies give you the nostalgic feelings depending on your age to when you were little going to a rock concert. As for any millennials that were there, like me, or Gen Z, it gives them a glimpse on what their parents rock concerts might have been like. The drum solo alone was breath taking and shows pure talent. Speaking of talent, vocalist Josh Kiszka is a highly talented singer. You could hear his passion and he never failed to hit and hold those iconic 60s “yeah”. What also demonstrated his talent (and how good the sound was during the concert) is that you could hear him clear as day in the parking lot while waiting for your ride. For those rockers who love Classic Rock, I highly recommend Greta Van Fleet to be a band you add to your playlist.


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