ReAniMate 2.0 : The CoVeRs
Atlantic Records

It’s nice to give fans a voice in what they’d like to hear, and that’s just what the band does as they showcase their dynamic ability to cover any song chosen by fan input and requests on ReAniMate 2.0 The CoVeRs. It’s no secret Lzzy Hale has one of the most powerful female voices in rock today, only improving with time.  Hale comes out of the gate flying with Judas Priest’s “Dissident Aggressor,” proving that she’s up for the task.  Here her voice is well controlled and crystal clear, yet she’s not afraid to stretch rang. Having seen the band perform a memorable version of Fleetwood Mac’s, “Gold Dust Woman” live, I would think to myself, “I’d love to see this covered on an album.” I guess I got my wish. 

Aside from Lzzy’s amazing voice, the guitar playing really stands out as the combination of Lzzy and Joe Storm is purely magical.  As the listener breezes throughout the six tracks on the EP, one can’t help but notice the sheen on AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill” and “Hell Is For Children” as the guitars are right in your face, almost overshadowing the vocals. Other tracks on the album include Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Marilyn Manson’s “1996”, a wide variety indeed.  –Christopher Zambello

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