Jimmy Eat World

Two and a half years after the release of the moody Invented, Jimmy Eat World has returned with Damage, an album that the band has been quoted as saying is an ‘adult break-up album.’ So if you thought that the lyrical subject matter on Invented was heavy, this disc is apparently taking it a step further as the band grows up with their fans.

Damage still has the undeniable Jimmy Eat World sound, and in fact is more upbeat sounding and musically has more in common with discs like Futures and Chase This Light than Invented did on the title cut and “Appreciation” to name a few. The band still keeps it simple and as pop as possible on “Lean,” “No, Never,” and the discs upbeat first single, “I Will Steal You Back.”

Always heart on sleeve, Jim Adkins seeks answers in the reminiscence of “Book of Love,” and the yearning of “Byebyelove” that almost brings to mind the classic sound of fellow emo-pop punkers Weezer.  The disc ends with the heartbreaking “You Were Good” that sounds like it could be the actual demo of the song. In the end, Damage is a much more musically accessible album than Invented, so if you were more a fan of the work prior to it you are sure to love Damage beginning to end. –Matthew Pashalian

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