Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake’s long awaited follow up to Future Sex/Love Sounds makes perfect sense. The infusion of modern dance beats with a retro feel is sexy, enthralling and will melt even the cynical against mainstream music. Timberlake expertly applies vintage sounds to updated beats to produce catchy pop hits that are simply lovely.

When the first single, “Suit & Tie” was released, one could only imagine how the rest would sound. The songs range from the Latin beat inspired “Let The Groove Get In,” to the ethereal “Blue Ocean Floor.” “Let The Groove Get In” doesn’t allow for one to sit still, the beat is infectious to say the least. But at just over 7 minutes, the song seems to drag on and about half way through and gets a bit stale.

“Blue Ocean Floor” is the curveball in the track list. The electronic beats are slurred, creating the feeling of floating. One can get lost in the beat, only to be brought back by Timberlake’s velvet voice calling “On the blue ocean floor” over and over again. The length is just over 7 minutes, but it doesn’t get stale. The song is dynamic yet relaxing.

The album as a whole is consuming. Each song provides a unique feel, yet it is a very cohesive group of songs. The first time one listens to the album in its entirety, the second time is inevitable. The sexy beats and Timberlake’s sensual voice transports listeners to a different time, whether it is the future or the past is unclear. Timberlake reintroduces creativity to pop music; hopefully we will see more innovation in its wake. –Emmi Weiner

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