Kid AstrayKid Astray
Taking You with Me

This EP is two original songs and four remixes, which as good as it is feels a bit like I’m being led on. I brought this point to the attention of the band to which their reply was “we might be just a little bit teasing”. I’m excited because I love the sound of Kid Astray and Taking You with Me EP is a very cool new direction in sonic exploration for them. “Taking You with Me” and “No Easy Way Out” could easily be flowing through the charged air particles at Ultra, yet they sound like a rock band at the same time. I perceive a new wave influence in their sound but not at all date.
This just sort of seeps out as if from the soporiferous of Simon Le Bon; salty. Seriously it’s good though, not the sweat but the music. The remixes are good, but at their core are just remixes and I don’t like any as much as the original versions. But I can’t wait to hear what Kid Astray has for us in the future. Whatever your diabolical scheme Kid Astray, I will not be dissuaded. – Robert Bernhardt.

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