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Michale Graves first appeared on the music scene as the front man for the legendary horror punk rock act The Misfits on the group’s 1997 album, American Psycho. Since then, Graves has had success with a small handful of other bands, one of which with former Misfits member Dr. Chud. He has also gone on to become a successful solo artist with a taste of his extraordinary talent displayed on, Illusions: Live 2008/Viretta Park. That album contains the haunting tune “Locked Away.”

With Graves newest album Supernatural is a collection of amazing vocals and guitar work and contains acoustic tracks from his Lost Skeleton Returns album, plus four new tracks. To strip down a song to its barest essentials shows the true strength of an artist. Graves’ haunting and powerful vocals shine on the tracks title track, “Last Man on Earth,” “Half Human,” and “Night of the Living Dead.” Graves trades in his guitar for the piano on perhaps the albums best cut, the evocative “Straight Jacket.”

With each endeavor he’s been involved with, Graves gives the audience melancholic perfection each time and I have no doubt he will continue on the path of success.  –Jennifer Rockefeller

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