This band is really good at beautiful, subtle dynamics in every way. Phox takes their music from nothing to rich, funky grooves all throughout the album. The opening is “Calico Man,” which starts from gentle ambient swells and builds with such delicate sweetness I wanted more right away; a few seconds in I was already hooked. “Leisure” is the second track and the first with a drumbeat, which I think really ads to the flow of the album. Monica Martin’s incredible voice shines on the whole recording beginning to end. And the whole band does a wonderful job adding lush vocal harmonies that are complex while holding down unique grooves with an array of instruments.

I can’t tell you the last time I heard clarinet in what is essentially a rock/pop song. You will hear trumpet, banjo and flute among others. The clarinet really is my favorite addition though “Slow Motion” makes good use of it and has one of the funkiest and most melodious bass lines on the whole Phox album; not to mention they are played by the same person. Check out their video for “Slow Motion/Blue and White” from Auiotreetv on Youtube, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to catch this band live because at times they sound even better than the album. There are songs that really showcase the group’s vocal abilities which impressed me quite a bit with “Laura” and “Evil” as fine examples.

Listening to this album is akin to sleeping in a forest with the sweetest sounding birds, having a lovely dream. Let this album take you away, let it transport you to a mystical and ethereal place in your heart and mind, you will be better for it. I hope everyone out there enjoys this as much as I do or at least gives it a chance. If you want to be touched, it will touch you. – Robert Bernhardt

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