Band: Pollyanna

Album: SLIME

Label: I Surrender Records

Review By: Jordan Nathanson

Pollyanna, a punk band from New Jersey, celebrates summer with their fourth album SLIME. The entire album is filled with raw emotions, catchy lyrics, and the raw punk sound that we all need after a long day with people that we can’t stand or just need to scream. The new album has an amazing balance of songs with heavy guitar riffs, fast tempos, raw vocals and beautiful deep cuts. Each song on SLIME keeps my foot tapping, head bobbing, heart racing and the occasional headbang. Vocalist Jill Becket (she/they) has the purest voice I have ever heard. You can hear their emotions as they sing, especially when they sing “Who Do You Want Me to Be”, which is the last song on the album. This song, for me, unlocked so many emotions and memories that I have tried to forget on how I changed myself to keep friends or relationships. It started to bring me to tears. It is not just their voice that makes this deep cut a master piece, the rhythm of the guitar and bass flow perfectly together while the drums create a beat so soothing, you would think you are in an opening sequence to a 90s movie. Their song “SLUT”, which you can stream now, is a beautiful sex positive song with the classic punk sound. This is one that I have on repeat and immediately added it to my Spotify playlist. You do not want to sleep on Pollyanna’s new album. SLIME drops June 17th via I Surrender Records. Until then, start streaming “SLUT” and three other singles from SLIME on Spotify. You can also go to their website and pre – order SLIME and even check out their tour dates.

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