Raggy Monster
As the Thorn Lures the Widow’s Lip, it Seeks No Wisdom from the Wicker Flies

raggy_coverI can’t stress this enough – despite the fact that 2014 is almost over, if you buy one album, physical or digital, it must be – get ready – As the Thorn Lures the Widow’s Lip, it Seeks No Wisdom from the Wicker Flies, the sophomore effort from West Palm Beach’s Raggy Monster. I honestly can’t say that I have been this hooked on a new disc all year.

From the sermon-esque “Intro” track that segues into “Morgan’s Organs,” you’ll find yourself captivated as vocalist Rachel DuVall’s bellows pull you in on each song. The albums lead-off single, “Fools Gold” is just hypnotic. Paired with Billy Schmidt’s fluid keys and the modern rock riffage by Christian Morgan (who also churns out some pretty tasty solo work throughout the disc as well) and skillful stick work by Sage Duvall, you will be compelled to hit the repeat button before the song is even half done.

Then the band goes into “iyiyi,” a sweet tune with a bit of a romantic Spanish flair to it that really starts to pick up towards the end. Other standouts such as, the subdued to dramatic “Just Like A Dog,” are powerful, while the last minute and a half of “Wicker Flies” will send a chill through you.

Raggy Monster cap the album off with “Guinevere,” a superb rocker reminiscent of The Bends era Radiohead in its razor bite and tail end jam, which also features guest noise from fellow South Floridian Julian Cires of Lavola. Here the band as a whole feed off of each other, shining as one. You would be greatly dis-serving yourself a serious injustice if you did not pick up this album ASAP.
Matthew Pashalian

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