Can’s Swim

New Jersey’s own Can’t Swim is releasing their new fourth studio Thanks, But No Thanks  on March 3rd. The album  eases the listener in with the drums building the beat until an explosion of guitar riffs, wicked bass lines and catchy lyrics with “Nowhere, Ohio”. The tune is so catchy that it played in my head for the rest of the day and it made my day better. The catchy rhythms  continue throughout the album. No song sounds alike but they all have a similar upbeat temp making nod along to the beat with out noticing. “Yer Paradox I’m Paradigm” has such an infectious beat that, every time it plays, I dance whether I’m sitting or standing. It’s such a fun song! While most of the songs keep up the energy “I Heard They Found You Face Down Inside Your Living Room” brings the tempo down with more melodic guitar sounds. It makes for the perfect “deep cut”. This album is easily now one of my favorites and I can not wait for the rest of the world to be graced by Thanks, But No Thanks from Can’t Swim. You can stream “Me Vs Me Vs all of you” and “Nowhere, Ohio” now where ever you stream music until the album drops on March 3rd.

Review By: Jordan Nathanson

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