Review by: Jordan Nathanson

     San Roman’s new album Messy is a beautiful coming of age story told through emotional lyrics and mellow melodies. Alexa San Roman is the soul member of San Roman with this being her first solo project after a five-year hiatus from the music scene. This album is her way of getting her feelings of loss and the pains of growing older. Each song tells a beautiful yet haunting story about the growing pains we all go through when we grow older. The first note of “Anxiety cry night” already hooks the listener in as the music builds and you hear Alexa saying, “Welcome to your life”. The song alone is almost like a feel-good song about just curling up and having that moment to just cry and break down. Alexa’s lyrics are as creative as they are relatable. Every song on this album has its own personality from “Messy”, which has a fast tempo, to “Will I See You”, which is slower in tempo, and so many more in between. San Roman’s album Messy is available November 18th. Until then, “Julia”, “Stay Where You Are” and “Messy” are available to stream via Spotify and Apple Music.


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