Review By: Jordan Nathanson

We all have those bands that we feel has welcomed us with open arms and have accepted us for who we are as people. Pop Punk band Soul Meets Body is no different. They have made it their mission to be the band for those who do not feel accepted by society. Their new single “Chaotic Energy” is a fun, upbeat and, dare I say, chaotic anthem made for those who feel as though they do not fit in. “Chaotic Energy” has beautiful lyrics that match the fast-paced tempo of the song. The lyrics capture the emotions of those who not only do not fit in to the molds society has created but reminds them that not everyone is going to be like you nor think like you do and that’s okay. I have reached out to Soul Meets Body about the single and they had this to say about the single:

We are really excited for ‘Chaotic Energy’ to be released into the wild world. This song is for those of us who have been called ‘too weird’, ‘too much’, or those of us who have ever felt like they had to conform to a world that wasn’t made for people like you. This is everyone’s song now, and we hope you love it. If not, we’re not everyone’s cup of tea

“Chaotic Energy” drops December 9th on Spotify. If you want to get a taste of Soul Meets body, you can check out their EP on Spotify and even hear a little of “Chaotic Energy” on TikTok or even their Instagram (@soulmeetsbodyband).

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