Vintage Tap
Delray Beach, FL
Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review: William Mueller
Photos: Jason Rappa

Labor Day weekend and I find myself at a place that boasts itself as ‘the best damn joint on the ave,’ and on this Saturday evening it was for sure. I’ve seen a few local shows here and the place seems to bring in some cool bands, but generally more of the indie persuasion. Imagine my surprise to find tonight was more of a rock night which saw Palm Beach’s The Drip Effect and Scattered Light, two bands names I’ve seen float around but never actually seen, on their stage.

The Drip Effect, a 4-piece unit displayed songs from their ‘Dinosaw’ album, as well as their soon to be released new disc, ‘What Holds You Down.’ I only caught the last 20 minutes of the set, but what I did see was pretty cool, despite the few hiccups in the set which included, probably not the greatest vocal performance by the bands singer, as well as a cymbal flying off of the drummer’s kit. I must say though; the drummer was a pretty hard hitting player. The bands bassist Kyle Seiler was the most entertaining to watch of the band as well. Despite this I will definitely check the band out next week when they perform at the Respectable Street Anniversary Party for what I’m sure will be a better set as evidenced by what I saw of this very metallic group.

Following The Drip Effect was Scattered Light, who I can only call one of the best area bands that you’ve probably never heard of. Doesn’t every scene have one of those? The 3-piece exploded right out of the box with a sound reminiscent of Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins (which was made evident by a mock cover of “Tonight, Tonight” later on in the bands near hour long performance). I overheard a few people say this was the best set that the band had performed as they cut from hard hitting to moody on a song called “Sound of Silence,” which the bands vocalist pointed out was ‘not that terrible Disturbed song.’ Towards the end of the song he came out into the middle of the crowd whispering into the mic, kneeling closer to the ground, giving the show a little something extra.

The bands bassist had an apparent broken foot and sat for half of the set when he wasn’t rocking out in his corner while the drummer seemed very at ease and non-chalent behind his kit, complimenting each song just right. After that mentioned Pumpkin song came a ballad, the bands ‘single,’ and a very 90’s way of ending the show – full of loud noise and guitar effect pedal madness. Will definitely see both of these bands again.

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The Drip Effect
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