If you are a fan of pop/punk and don’t know who Seaway is…where have you been?
Over the past few years Seaway have been making waves (pun intended) in their genre as one of the bands to watch. With their latest effort, the 90’s tinged Vacation, the band is riding a wave (yes, pun intended again) on one of the coolest tours of 2018 as direct support for fellow Canadian pop/punk legends Sum 41 for their Does This Look Infected? anniversary tour, thus not only getting to see a great show every night, but also the opportunity to open themselves up to new audiences.
With the tour about to roll through Florida, we got the chance to catch up with vocalist Ryan Locke to discuss new album, tour, and covering female artists.
This is Seaway
-Matthew Pashalian

Let’s talk the new album. You guys worked with two producers this time around, what led to that decision? 

From demoing to tracking the record we actually worked with 3 producers. We just wanted to be as prepared as possible for this record. On Colour Blind, we went in with a lot of parts and ideas but the record wasn’t fully written when we went in to track it. For Vacation, we wanted to have a full record done so we had a lot of material to work with.
How do you feel this influenced the direction of the record?
I think it helped immensely having that many great producers give their input on the songs. Each producer has their ow unique background that influenced the tracks they helped with in their own way.
The album has been described as being very ’90’s pop rock’ sounding. 
Was this conscious decision? 
Yes and no. That era influenced us heavily, but we did not go in trying to make a 90’s pop rock record.
What were you guys personally listening to while writing for the new album? 
Probably lots of Weezer and Third Eye Blind.
There is always the fear of the ‘sophomore slump,’ was this ever in your mind?
Yeah definitely, I think that’s why we demoed so hard. It was a make or break feeling when we were writing/recording.
For you guys, what song would you say best exemplifies where Seaway is and what you are about? 
I think Lula best exemplifies who seaway is, and where we are going. It’s got a fun and happy vibe which we always aim for.
You guys have done two very different covers, “Hand In My Pocket,” from Alanis Morisette and more recently Halsey’s “Closer,” do you find reworking female artists songs more challenging?
I never really thought of it like that. It wasn’t really a conscious effort to do songs with female vocalists, just songs that we think rule. We did another cover this winter that will hopefully come out in the summer/fall and is quite different from the ones mentioned.
You guys are currently out supporting Sum 41 on their anniversary tour for Does This Look Infected? being, not just a fellow Canadian band, but also a popular mainstream pop/punk band, how was that album an influence to you as fans?
Being Canadian we grew up on that record so this is a very important tour for us. I think it taught me to not be afraid to switch things up. DTLI is stylistically quite a bit different from All Killer which I think is really awesome.
How did the tour come about? 
The Canadian rock gods tossed it in our lap.
What can fans come to expect coming into seeing you guys if this is their first time? 
A fun, high energy rock experience.
Any plans you can divulge for the rest of 2018?
We are currently working on some headlining tours.
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