Photos and Review By:

Jordan Nathanson


As the year comes to an end, concerts are still in full swing in the Orlando area. The Plaza Live hosted She Wants Revenge on December 1st. This was a show that radiated a low key, chill vibe as everyone waited for the show to start. D’Arcy opened the show and, though it was just her up there in lights, her stage presence made you forget that she was the only one up there. D’Arcy’s music is best described as alternative indie punk rock. However, her sound brings a sense of calm to the venue. Her music does not sound like like any other artist out there. You can tell she makes music for herself just by the way she loses herself while singing.  Her voice is beautifully haunting and fills the room with love and passion for her music. A perfect opener for She Wants Revenge.

As the place starts to fill up, She Wants Revenge takes the stage. This gothic grunge band has come back from the second hiatus to tour once more, sharing their love for music with their lifelong fans. Though a bit more upbeat than D’Arcy, they still had a chill mellow vibe to their music. It feels more like a basement underground show as everyone danced to the music but also to their own beat. As they played, each song blended in to the next because they never stopped talking to the crowd like most bands do. They even ended their set without a word. It was not until they started their encore songs that they spoke. They have expressed their gratitude for everyone attending and supporting them all these years. For a band that has had two extended hiatus periods, they never lose their passion for their music. All their encore songs were more upbeat and radiated a different vibe then when they started. Even ending on “Tear You Apart” changed the entire atmosphere with everyone jumping together as one. Truly an amazing show and an honor to see She Wants Revenge and D’Arcy live.




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