The Warner Sound
Atlantic Records

Live EP’s can be cool sometimes if you have never experienced a band live, or just can’t stand the oftentimes horrible sound of cell phone shot videos on YouTube. Shinedown take a different approach with this digital only release, The Warner Sound as a fairly stripped down affair basically capturing the band performing in a rehearsal space. The five tracks capture 4 tunes from last years’ Amaryllis with a cover of Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move.”

The hard rocking “Bully” has a much different energy kicking things off, making you feel like you’re in the room experiencing the track, while the Beatles-esque “I’ll Follow You Down” has an uplifting fervor. For the epic, “Amaryllis,” the band brings it down a notch by taking it down to a full band unplugged segue. Between guitarist Zach Myers smooth blues touch to vocalist Brent Smith’s soulful approach, “I Feel The Earth Move” alone makes The Warner Sound EP worth the buy. –Matthew Pashalian

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