Subculture Coffee (Respectable Anniversary)
West Palm Beach, FL
Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review & Photos: William Mueller

A week ago I saw The Drip Effect in downtown Delray Beach and, though not the best set, I was impressed enough to go see them live again this past weekend at the Respectable Street Anniversary show. Though the band did not perform at Respectables or the big outdoor main stage, they instead played a tucked away corner stage between the two at Subculture Coffee. I call travesty!

This night the band definitely brought their A-game, performing for a crowd of people who most likely would not have seen them otherwise and won them over with a set heavy on the Dinosaw. This time the band seemed more prepared as they blistered through their music with fun and ease. The bands bassist Kyle Seiler was again the most energetic of the bunch, hopping off of the stage and his amp. Vocalist Oscar Ramirez reminded me a lot of Max Collins of Eve 6 while the bands lead guitar player Josh Hamilton brought the metal with smooth to brutal backing vocals and an interesting style all his own looking very rockstar with long hair flowing (It was windy).

Considering the more indie flavor of the festival line-up, The Drip Effect proved to be the heaviest of the bunch as they performed before locals Surfer Blood (Whose name is more brutal then their sound), proving that rock is most certainly not completely dead in sunny South Florida!

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