The Fray

With four studio albums in eight years to their name, Helios contains the same lyrical strength that easily lives up to past releases.

Avid fans of The Fray are steadfast on the vocals and sound that front man Issac Slade is known for. However, with Helios, Slade and company bring a new sound to the table as evident by the song “Love Don’t Die,” that have many fans wondering what has gotten into the band. I disagree. It is these new sounds that give The Fray incredible staying power. It isn’t a new concept that bands look to change up their sound and reinvent themselves. The Fray has kept their depth to lyrical storytelling and emotional undertones as show on “Hold My Hand,” as well as “Hurricane” and “Keep on Wanting.”

Overall, Helios is one of The Fray’s strongest albums to date. Their ability to evolve, yet hold onto their lyrical brilliance will serve them well in the future. –Jennifer Rockefeller

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