Review By: Jordan Nathanson      Yours Truly brand-new EP, via UNFD, is this what i look like? is an upbeat fun album that pushes this up-and-coming alternative band in the right direction. Formed in 2016, this Australian pop – punk band has created an EP with songs that can put anyone in a good mood. Each song off of is this what I look like has it’s own sound and […]

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It is alway fun to shoot at a venue I have never been to, along with covering a band that has been around for 3 decades.  That venue was Destination Daytona Complex at Ormond Beach, Florida and the band was Faster Pussycat.  The Destination Daytona Complex is a 35,000 square-foot pavilion that hosts a lot of different events including concerts.  Seeing Faster Pussycat for the first time was not disappointing. […]

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I had another opportunity to photograph Buckcherry in concert, again.  This time it was at The Plaza Live located in Orlando, Florida.  Buckcherry always puts on a high energy show and I hope to keep being able to cover their shows.

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Review by: Jordan Nathanson           Coldrain is kickstarting their 15-year celebration as a band by releasing their 7th studio album Nonnegative via Warner Music. Formed in Nagoya in the year 2007, this Japanese metalcore band easily steals hearts with their melodic guitar riffs, fast paced drums, and strong, heartfelt vocals. I will not lie, I was not expecting the lyrics to be in English, but even if they were not […]

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I had a chance to catch Starset on their Horizons tour at the House of Blues in Orlando in June.  This is one band that I enjoy seeing live and glad that I have had the opportunity to see them and photograph their live shows.  I hope that you enjoy these pictures and that they allow you to “Relive the show through pictures”

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Band: Pollyanna Album: SLIME Label: I Surrender Records Review By: Jordan Nathanson Pollyanna, a punk band from New Jersey, celebrates summer with their fourth album SLIME. The entire album is filled with raw emotions, catchy lyrics, and the raw punk sound that we all need after a long day with people that we can’t stand or just need to scream. The new album has an amazing balance of songs with […]

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Review and photos by: Jordan Nathanso As the world starts to try and heal from the shutdown, concerts around the world have been coming back, full force, around the world. Bands are back, celebrating either their returns or anniversaries with life long adoring fans. The Blame Canada tour, with co headliners Sum 41 and Simple Plan, is no different. The night kicked off with Set It Off and their colorful […]

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