Review & photos by: Jordan Nathanson The House of Blues Orlando hosted the Order in Decline tour on December 18th, 2019 which featured 408, Broadside and headliner Sum 41. The tour was in celebration of Sum 41’s seventh studio album Order in Decline released back in July. Just by looking at the crowd, you can see all the different generations coming together in one venue to enjoy an evening of […]

Review By: Jordan Nathanosn Photos By: Jordan Nathanson   House of Blues in Lake Buena Viats has had a lot of great bands play throughout the year. Sunday, December 15th, the House of Blues hosted the last night of the Beautiful Oblivion tour with ISSUES, Polyphia, Sleep Token and Felicity. The tour was in celebration of ISSUES new album Beautiful Oblivion released back in October making this ISSUES third studio […]

Review By: Jordan Nathanson We hear of concerts selling out full arenas and venues every day or maybe one day of a multi-day concert has sold out. But only headliners A Day To Remember and Underoath can sell out four days at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista. Packed wall to wall with fans, everyone was excited to see the last of the Degenerates Tour and end 2019 […]