Review By: Jordan Nathanson

We hear of concerts selling out full arenas and venues every day or maybe one day of a multi-day concert has sold out. But only headliners A Day To Remember and Underoath can sell out four days at the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista. Packed wall to wall with fans, everyone was excited to see the last of the Degenerates Tour and end 2019 with a bang. With only two headliners, you can imagine the excitement that grew from the crowd as they waited for Underoath to take the stage.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd went crazy with excitement. They stepped on to the stage, ready to end the tour on a high note. Their heavy bass and sick guitar riffs radiated off stage and into the hearts of the crowd. The energy from the band was high as they never stopped moving. You can tell that they still love what they do from the smiles they had on their faces as the crowd sang back the lyrics to them. Even though the venue was packed, that did not stop a giant circle pit from braking out during the show. I think one of my favorite moments during their set was the haunting sound of the crowd singing back the lyrics to “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”. It was like the whole room knew the song and the voices blended together to make one beautiful voice. You can tell this touched the band because they could not help but cheer on the crowd to sing back louder as they played their hearts out. Underoath was the perfect open for this tour.

As the crowd started to stir, the drop curtain went up, covering the stage with a projected brick wall. Everyone was restless as they continued to wait. The venue kept them busy by playing different songs that the crowed sand along to. The lights dimmed as the song “Turn Down for What” played driving the ever anticipating crowed to chant “A-D-T-R” over and over again. The crowd erupted with screams of pure joy as they heard the iconic intro to “The Downfall of Us All” play from behind the curtain. Once the curtain dropped, excitement filled as the crowed screamed the lyrics back. Though the band had been together for 16 years, they still play as if it was their first time every playing together. The energy radiated from every member of the band as they played their most popular hits. They sound just like they do on their albums showing their true talent. One thing I loved the most is that Jeremy McKinnon would thank the security guards because they kept the crowds safe and caught them while crowd surfing. During their set, the band members never lost their energy as they jumped around the stage keep the fans hyped with every noted played. They even threw toilet paper, beach balls during their set and to end the night, they released confetti and streamers from the ceiling during their final encore “A Plot to Bomb the Panhandle”. All in all, this was one of the best shows I have seen in a while. I highly recommend that in the new decade to see A Day to Remember and Underoath at some point whether they play together or not. Also make sure to check out A Day to Remember’s new singles “Degenerates” and “Resentment”.


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