Miami, FL
Friday, April 22, 2016
Review & Photos: Matthew Pashalian

Bush hasn’t given South Florida a proper show (sans opening for Nickelback in 2012) since last performing at the long gone Sunrise Musical Theatre in 2002. Taking a break from recording their next album, the band has gone off on a sort of escape from the studio tour and thankfully gave a South Florida area show that actually had legions of the Bush Army flying in from all over the U.S for the South Beach tour kickoff. With a set comprised primarily of songs from the bands smash debut, Razorblade Suitcase and their latest disc, 2014’s Man on the Run, the stage was set for a show that had fans overjoyed. From the pull off and slide gliss of show opener “Everything Zen,” to the electronically tinged “The Chemicals Between Us,” fans swayed and sung along as they both fed off each other song to sung.
Even lesser known cuts by the fair-weather such as “This House is on Fire,” and “The Gift” from Man on the Run got fans riled up.

There wasn’t much banter through the set but the few times front man Gavin Rossdale addressed the crowd they hushed while he reminisced the first time the band played the area at the still remembered Cameo Theatre. Surprisingly there was no mention that part of the video for “Cold Contagious” was filmed in Miami (most likely since they didn’t play the song), or that part of “Greedy Fly” (which was played) was shot in West Palm Beach. Dropping his guitar duties, Rossdale entered the crowd for an extended version of “Little Things,” that took him into the crowd and out into the balcony to get even closer to the fans. With an encore that included a solo “Glycerine,” a cover of the Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” and a massive crowd sing along of “Comedown,” the band should be aware that they need to come back to South Florida again VERY soon.

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