Shinedown The Warner Sound Atlantic Records Live EP’s can be cool sometimes if you have never experienced a band live, or just can’t stand the oftentimes horrible sound of cell phone shot videos on YouTube. Shinedown take a different approach with this digital only release, The Warner Sound as a fairly stripped down affair basically capturing the band performing in a rehearsal space. The five tracks capture 4 tunes from […]

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Jimmy Eat World Damage RCA Two and a half years after the release of the moody Invented, Jimmy Eat World has returned with Damage, an album that the band has been quoted as saying is an ‘adult break-up album.’ So if you thought that the lyrical subject matter on Invented was heavy, this disc is apparently taking it a step further as the band grows up with their fans. Damage […]

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Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience RCA Justin Timberlake’s long awaited follow up to Future Sex/Love Sounds makes perfect sense. The infusion of modern dance beats with a retro feel is sexy, enthralling and will melt even the cynical against mainstream music. Timberlake expertly applies vintage sounds to updated beats to produce catchy pop hits that are simply lovely. When the first single, “Suit & Tie” was released, one could only […]

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Atoms for Peace Amok XL Atoms for Peace’s debut, Amok, serves more as a Thom Yorke solo follow up to 2006’s The Eraser than as a full-band collaboration – electronic sounds abound within a live set up. Joey Waronker’s drumming sounds more or less like beats off a laptop than coming from an actual drum kit, while Flea delivers nimble bass lines help build the rhythms on the songs but […]

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The Band Perry Pioneer Republic Nashville The Band Perry returned recently with their sophomore effort, Pioneer. The 12-track album is by far one of the best new releases I’ve heard in recent months. After hearing Pioneer’s first single, “Better Dig Two,” I was eager to hear more. Their sound is wonderfully harmonizing, strong and fun. The lyrics are full of heartfelt emotions and vocalist Kimberly Perry shows her vocal strength […]

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The Civil Wars The Civil Wars Sensibility Recordings When I first heard the Civil Wars debut album, Barton Hollow, I was instantly hooked. Their perfect sound of harmony and melody captured my imagination and interest. When I heard about their sophomore album, Civil Wars, I eagerly anticipated its release. Now that the album is out, I am certainly not disappointed. The album opens with the tune The One that Got […]

Eric Clapton Old Sock Bushbranch/Surfdog When we think of Eric Clapton, what comes to mind?  Guitar master, maybe the songs “Cocaine”, “Tears In Heaven”, or “Layla”?  I start to wonder if this legend even fits into any specific genre.  Perhaps we should just name a new one after him, “Clapton” – a combination of rock, jazz, blues, classical and R&B all rolled into one.  Because that is exactly what you […]

Dido Girl Who Got Away RCA After a four-year hiatus, Dido is back with her fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away. This 11-track album showcases Dido’s soft, yet powerful vocals and contains songs of hope, defiance and heartbreak. Dido has always had a knack for painting a picture with words and this album is no different. The album opener, “No Freedom,” is filled with warmth and feelings of love. […]

Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight Wind-Up Records For a long-running band like Filter, the biggest challenge is usually avoiding a sound that grows formulaic or stale.  If you’re not careful, it can get to a point where every loud song sounds like “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” and every soft song sounds like “Take A Picture.” This leads to a sort of slow death, like a fire burning out; die-hard […]

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Deftones The Fillmore Miami Beach Tuesday, March 19, 2013 The evening of Deftone’s sold out show at Miami’s Fillmore theater proved to be both a cathartic celebration of angst and an all round FUN rock show. Lacking that night were any pretensions that most seasoned artists with any artistic sense easily fall into. As the house lights dimmed and intro ambiance emanated through the PA, the band kicked into “Diamond […]