Eric Clapton
Old Sock

When we think of Eric Clapton, what comes to mind?  Guitar master, maybe the songs “Cocaine”, “Tears In Heaven”, or “Layla”?  I start to wonder if this legend even fits into any specific genre.  Perhaps we should just name a new one after him, “Clapton” – a combination of rock, jazz, blues, classical and R&B all rolled into one.  Because that is exactly what you get when you buy a Clapton album and his latest release, Old Sock is no different.  It is a musical tour through a multitude of genres showcased in a way that only Clapton can.

Disc opener “Further On Down The Road” makes me feel like I should be eating a Po’ Boy down in N’awlins with its up-tempo jazzy beat and crafty harmonica played by guest, Taj Mahal.  Definitely a feel good song that’s a great start to Old Sock. For those who prefer the edgier side of Clapton, “Gotta Get Over” has that patented sound Clapton practically has a patent for!  Match that with some throaty vocals backed by Chaka Khan and you have an album favorite.  A pleasant surprise on Old Sock is the duet (vocally and on guitar) with Paul McCartney on the classic “All Of Me.”  Though the song is short clocking in at 3:22, it’s a fun listen that you can tell these legends are just having a blast jamming on. 

Since I bought the album, I wondered where the title “Old Sock” came from. Though I’d love to ask the man personally, I can only speculate.  Give Old Sock a good listens through though, you will find that there is truly something for everyone. -Chris Zambello

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