Review By: Jordan Nathanson

Photos By: Scott Nathanson


All the way from across the pond, Husband and wife traveled all the way to the States to perform at the Orlando Amphitheater in their band Ida Mae. Matt and Stephanie literally brought back the Blues and proved that you only need a guitar, drums, a tambourine, amazing vocals and meaningful lyrics. They are a two-person band and if you were to close your eyes, you wouldn’t realize there wasn’t a full band. They wanted to create a band that was different, something pure, raw, honest and that’s exactly what they did. The Blues vibes that radiate from the guitar makes you not only want to dance a little but also relax with your friends. Some of their songs just bring you a calming sensation while others have a heavier sound. What you tend to notice the most though is their harmonies. Their voices are pure and match each other very well creating the most pleasing harmonies. The melodies also vibrated through the ground and moved straight in to your body, making you feel the music they played and the love that they have for what they do.

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