Device on stage @ Ft. Rock Festival in Ft. Myers, FL Photo: Scott Nathanson

Device on stage @ Ft. Rock Festival in Ft. Myers, FL
Photo: Scott Nathanson

With giants of Hard Rock Disturbed currently on hiatus after consistently touring recording since the release of their self-titled debut album The Sickness, vocalist David Draiman obviously got the itch to start a new project, the industrial inspired Device. Draiman is far from resting on his laurels or relying on his old bands name to get his new band out there as his new band is back in the trenches, hitting the club circuit to get the good word out there. We were lucky enough to sit down with the front man to discuss all things Device, touring, and how this all came together!
-Christopher Zambello

Congratulations on the new album, its start from the finish balls to the wall.
Thank you Brother.  That is very kind of you.  I’m glad you like it!

You were contacted by former Filter member Geno Lenardo to help him with a song he was writing for the Underworld, soundtrack.  At what point during the songwriting process did you say to each other “We should totally start a band!”?
Everything just came so naturally.  I told Geno, Look, it’s clear that we have some writing chemistry together, why don’t we take some time, write some more and see what comes of it.  We can sell the songs or do something else with them, but we clearly work well together.  And he came out to my home in Austin, Texas for the first of two, two-week writing sessions in March of 2012.  And those two, two-week writing sessions gave birth to the material for the Device record.  It was just too convincing.  It was an unstoppable force, let’s put it that way. 

Where does all the darkness come from in your songs?
Oh God, any number of life experiences, any number of world events and political occurrences.  The things I’m passionate about, the things that still haunt me.  I’ve always said, I’ve got enough stored up for a hundred more records.  I’ve had a tumultuous life, and I continue to have a tumultuous life.  I’ve been very blessed but it’s dramatic. 

I loved the duet you did with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm; your voices complement each other’s very well. Was that something you two had planned for a while, or did it come just on a whim?
We had planned it.  It was something that we started talking about since Halestorm supported Disturbed back in the day.  And I had been thinking about doing it as a cover since way prior to that. So it was something we were thinking about doing for a long time and I’m glad that it ended up happening with this project.  Because with this project, it ended it up being taken for that more ambient feel on the record with the heavy saturation of strings and keys.  It’s something that really wouldn’t have been appropriate on a Disturbed record.  I’m glad it happened with Device.

Will fans see you two perform together at Fort Rock and Welcome to Rockville since the bands are both on those bills?
There’s a very good chance of that!  We’re chomping at the bit.  We love what the song has become; you’d be hard-pressed to keep us from not doing it.  I think that people are definitely in for a surprise.

Have you heard from Ozzy or Lita?
I played the song for Lita.  She came through town here in Austin, Texas and I went to see her.  I played it for her on the bus and she loved it!  It made her all misty-eyed.  Now with Ozzy, I would love for him to hear it.  I haven’t had the opportunity to play it for him.  I hope that Ozzy and Sharon both love it.  I have such gratitude and admiration for everything the Osbourne’s have done for myself and Disturbed over the years.  And I hope that they see this as a fitting tribute to the most seminal and greatest front man of all time!  I can only hope that he loves it.

Earlier in the year I predicted that Lzzy would take over the reins of Queen of Rock from Amy Lee of Evanescence.  Do you think that has happened?
Look, nobody touches Lzzy.  I think that Amy is very talented in her own right; she has a different sort of vocal tonality.  I think Lzzy has more of the edge to her vocals, more of the riot-girl in her.  She’s just a different type of voice.  She’s really amazing!  I’m glad to call her my friend and privileged to have her contribute on the record.  I’m beyond thankful and overwhelmed!

In fact, you have quite a few friends on this album.  Is this something that fans will be seeing more of?  I can picture myself popping open an Avenged Sevenfold album and the first thing I hear is the familiar Draiman chant.
I think so.  I’d like to keep that a permanent fixture of the Device records, to have these guests on the record.  I think it shows comradery, and it’s a cool thing to have different artists involved in one song and to hear different textures and to get a combination of those. 

 What can fans expect walking into a Device show?
We will be playing the entire album, plus the B-Sides.  They can expect to see three musicians at the height of their form, playing these songs at the utmost intensity and power.  This material kind of speaks for itself.  I’ve had an amazing time rehearsing these songs the past few days and we can’t wait to unleash this beast!

What gets you up for a show?
To be honest, the show itself.  The energy exchange, the whole vibe.  There’s nothing more intoxicating, there is no sensation in life more addictive.

After this tour is over, what’s next on your agenda?
Hard to say, definitely eventually thinking about making another Disturbed record.  I just have no idea when that’s going to be.

We’re both children of the 80’s so-to-speak, how to you perceive the progression of rock to what it is today?
I definitely think that it continues to grow and become more diverse; particularly the rock genre.  There’s so many sub-genre’s nowadays in rock and metal it’s almost impossible to keep track.  I love that!  I love the different flavors, I love how unique and diversified it’s become.  I love the loyalty of the base and their tenacity.  The fact that we stand the test of time and we don’t succumb to trends.  I think it’s really amazing how it’s continued to thrive.  And I think it would only continue to thrive. 

Let’s talk a little bit about David Draiman.  When not doing anything musically inclined, what do you do with your time now?
I haven’t had any time to do anything musically inclined as of late, but when I do I like to take my motorcycle out and clear my head.  I’m a big 1960’s muscle car guy.  I’m also an avid scuba diver.  When I have to opportunity to go on vacation somewhere warm with nice water, I like to go diving. 

Are you a sports fan at all?
Yeah, football and MMA

What’s your favorite football team?
Da’ Bears!  Notice how I said that too, haha.  I’m a Chicago boy!

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