Respectable Street
West Palm Beach, FL
Saturday, March 8th, 2014
Review: Matthew Pashalian
Media: Matthew Pashalian

Something has seemed to be missing from the South Florida music scene the past six months, and that something has been that one of the scene’s most celebrated indie rock bands, Lavola, has been hard at work on finishing their latest release, This Book is my Cowardice. Recently relocated to Central Florida, fans may have to travel a little further to get their live fix but for the album launch it’s the hometown that raised this outfit’s name that gets a special show. Stepping up the stage show for the CD release the addition of various confetti drops, moody fog and an interesting war themed video projected behind the band gave this legendary local spot the feel of a theater.

From the intro sirens to the stoner rock edged new track “Show Your Face” to old favorites “Dry Socket” and “Masochist,” the band got the crowd filling up the front of the stage in a hurry. With a newly revamped lineup, front man Julian Cires has a new strength behind his infectious indie rock tunes. With the inclusion of Emily Dwyer on violin, the band has a new tool that really elevates a creepy element to the mix.

New drummer Matt Cabrera added some extra oomph to longtime fan favorite “The Queen Is Dead” which saw some of the crowd singing along and even crowd surfing if you can believe it. New songs “7 Steps to Hell,” and the quiet to in your face pounce of “Please Excuse the Blood” went over incredibly well displaying the next chapter in the evolution of the Lavola sound. Seeing the band from their third show in 2010 to tonight’s spectacle was truly a sight to be seen. –Matthew Pashalian

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