Queens of the Stoneage
The Fillmore Miami Beach
Miami Beach, FL
Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
Review: Matthew Pashalian
Photos: Scott Nathanson

It has seriously been a long time since Queens of the Stoneage played a show in South Florida; and I’m glad that front man Josh Homme took the time to acknowledge that fact. I was surprised that he himself  realized that it’s been 11 years, and a lot of changed since that last show in West Palm Beach as part of the Lollapalooza festival. Not only has the sludge rock acts sound incorporated some different elements and influences to its fuzz, but Homme and guitarist Troy Van Leeuwin of Failure and A Perfect Circle fame are the sole members from that era. Now with former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore, as well as a killer keyboardist and bassist rounding things out, the band put on an impressive hour and a half set that never left the sold-out crowd looking to its watch.

 Unlike some acts who rest of the laurels of their singles, Queens got a few of those out of the way from the get go with the charging “Millionaire…” and bouncy radio staple “No One Knows,” before plowing into the pomp of “Burn the Witch,” “Turnin’ on the Screw” and the cowbell fused “Little Sister.” Besides the bands signature desert rock tunes there were also truly beautiful moments such as “…Like Clockwork,” complete with somber piano intro and slow prod, to the sexy “Make It Wit Chu.”  Not just sonically, but visually, this was one of those rare concerts you attend that the only disappointing part is having to leave the venue knowing you have to work the next day. –Matthew Pashalian

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