Review By: Jordan Nathanson

     Yours Truly brand-new EP, via UNFD, is this what i look like? is an upbeat fun album that pushes this up-and-coming alternative band in the right direction. Formed in 2016, this Australian pop – punk band has created an EP with songs that can put anyone in a good mood. Each song off of is this what I look like has it’s own sound and own “personality”. Each song is edgy with melodic melodies to upbeat tempos that will make you subconsciously nod your head to the beat. You can hear that Yours Truly left their hearts and souls in this EP and I am excited to see what the future holds for them. You can stream is this what i look like? now and catch Yours Truly on their North America tour with I Prevail, Pierce the Veil and Fit For A King this fall.

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