South Florida Coastline Festival
Cruzan Amphitheatre
West Palm Beach, FL
Saturday, November 9th, 2013
Review By: Caitlin Edwards
Photos By: Scott Nathanson

Without a doubt I have to give the first annual Coastline Festival in West Palm Beach an 8.5 out of 10. Everything from the sound and lighting mechanics, to the energy was completely on point. On top of the concert must haves, the weather was more than decent, there weren’t too many people and there was more going on than just the music. If you were in between sets you had the opportunity to stroll into one of the tents occupied by groovy local artists and artisans showcasing their goodies at pretty reasonable prices, on top of cute nomadic tent boutiques you also had the opportunity to grab a yummy bite to eat  from one of the many food trucks. Of course you had the fashionable band merch right there in front of your face which was conveniently staffed with enough amiable people to attend to you with your 20.00 Coastline fest t-shirt and send you on your way to the next amazing set, but enough about the accessories, back to basics.

The audio for all of the sets was crisp and clean without any mishaps or interference which I was VERY appreciative of. Nothing can bum you out more than jamming along to Matt and Kim’s famous song Daylight than a glitch in the sound system right before the climax. Apart from the audio being its best, the balance between the instruments and vocals was perfect, the vocals were never overpowered by the instruments and it was easy to pick apart every melodic word, as well as pick apart ever guitar string strum, bass note, and drum kick. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.

And of course a festival isn’t a festival without the theatrics! Once the daylight started to slip away the mains stage showcased the wonderful Matt and Kim, Two Door Cinema Club, and Passion Pitt didn’t skip a beat in jumping to the light show. With the every set the light mechanics intricacy and splendor improved. Matt and Kim had a black and white Brooklyn back drop with flashing lights to pair with their hilarious trap music, and confetti throwing interludes between songs. On top of their fancy backdrop their stage presence was impeccable; I would even go so far as to put them under the Red Hot Chili Peppers as far as charisma goes.

Two Door Cinema Club incorporated dancing lights and warm sunset like oranges, reds, and yellows, with fog to create a scene that was incredible even if you were all the way up in the field relaxing on a warm and fuzzy blanket. And Finally when Passion Pitt came on its lights blew the roof off the stage, but I have to admit front man Michael Angelakos energy and passion played a big role in the upbeat and nerve electrifying atmosphere of the show. I must also give credit to the daytime Atlantic Stage headliners Fitz the Tantrums, Capitol Cities, and The Mowgli’s they all did a fantastic job with their sets, especially Fitz and the Tantrums. Their interaction with the audience got 85% of the audience up and on their feet dancing and grooving with their post 70’s funk soul style.

Now if you’re not interested in the big bad headliners not to worry the bands at the smaller Gulf Stage killed it too. They Joy Formidable, The Neighborhood, Surfer Blood, St. Lucia, Civilian, and Kids all did such a wonderful job with the skill and technique of their sounds. I have to pick out St. Lucia in particular though because they are one of the best bands to see live, when I was walking to get to the stage I wasn’t aware that they were actually playing yet, instead I thought I was listening to the speakers, talk about validity. However Surfer Blood I had to say was a little disappointing, front man John Paul Pits seemed sort of apathetic and disinterested up until he gave kudos and thanks to his parents, and then proceeded to walk into the crowd to finish the song which is always humble and personal of an artist to do.


All in all, the first ever Coastline was nothing short of a hit, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with if and when next year rolls around. Until then indie music lovers in south Florida just have to keep their fingers crossed.

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